Exclusive chat with Samantha Shanley

April 11, 2021

Session Notes


Our breakdown of a chat with Samantha Shanley: 

  • Find a way to write about something, no matter what it is. 

  • Decide that you want to persevere. Decide that you need the discipline to write everyday. 

  • Understand what it is that you're drawn to. What do you feel passionate about? 

  • Understand that you are not going to feel passionate about it every day.

  • Recognize where you are in your writing process and adjust your pace accordingly. 

  • Find a community, even when it's just a couple of like-minded people. 

  • Find a way to experience joy in writing because this process can get tough. 

  • If you want it bad enough, you'll make time for it. 


Connect with our guest speaker:

  • Join Samantha's non-fiction writing workshop here