Exclusive chat with Karina Kantas

May 16, 2021

Session Notes


Karina's advice to new writers: 

  • Write about what you know. 

  • Write about your own experiences and then mix a couple of those ideas into the story. It makes it biographical, which in turn makes the story realistic, emotional, and somewhat relatable.. 

  • Don’t worry about your audience or writing deliberately in a genre that is popular or not. Just write the book first. Worry about marketing after. 

  • Once the book is ready for public consumption, then you can decide where it belongs, who your reader is, and where to find them.

  • You need to join a writing circle, club, group, where you can critique each other’s work and learn from those already in the industry. Listen to your peers and take notes. 

  • You do have to have a thick skin in this job. And not everyone is going to like your book. 

  • If you have a professional cover, your book has been professionally edited and formatted and you have 100% confidence in that book, then let the haters hate. 


Connect with our guest speaker:

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