Crayon Evangelist
(Graphic Designer) 
Grammar Fascist
Boss Lady
Chief Happiness Officer
(Head of HR) 

Manisha, The Grammar Fascist - 


I've been writing since I was in middle school. I'm in my late 20s now, and I have struggled with maintaining a writing routine throughout my adult life. 

In 2019, I quit my job to give this 'writing thing' a chance, and since then, I've often caught myself buried under the debris of self-doubt and the consequent lack of zeal. 

So yeah, I looked around, and I wasn't alone. 

That's when the idea of MBox came alive. A box full of relevant books, goodies, resources, and fun stuff to make this journey less painful. 

India's first-ever subscription box brimming with writing motivation!

I pulled together a team, and we started working on it in January 2020. Then came the pandemic, and the lockdowns, and endless hours in the kitchen (coz our 4-legged staff wouldn't work without constant influx of food). And like all other businesses, we had to shut up and sit down. 

But we didn't back out. 

So here we are, ready to shake up the Indian literary space one writer at a time.

Motivation is tricky to say the least. It has a fleeting nature, just like a rainbow. 

We've taken it upon us to capture that rainbow in a box & deliver it to you every month so you don't lose your creative spark.